Delightful Mushy Edamame

a delicious recipes is actualy wanted by everyone. Just because a delicious Recipes my be the begining of an Hapyy family. Consequently For your personality Housewive Create Delightful, delicious and wholesome dishes. Mushy Edamame
This quick and easy snack from Roger Mooking is packed with nutrients.
Directions for: Mushy Edamame


3 cup frozen, shelled edamame

cup olive oil



1. Boil edamame in heavily salted water, approximately 20 minutes until edamame is soft and tender.

2. Reserve 1 cup of cooking water and drain edamame.

3. Place edamame, cup cooking liquid and olive oil in blender. Puree until smooth, add more water if necessary.

4. Remove from blender, season with salt and set aside to cool.

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