Easy KRAFT Garden Basket Tater Dinner

a delicious recipes is actualy required by everyone. Just because a delicious Recipes my be the begining of any Hapyy family. Therefore For your personality Housewive Create tasty, delicious and nutritious dishes. KRAFT Garden Basket Tater Dinner

Directions for: KRAFT Garden Basket Tater Dinner


2 cup frozen hash brown potatoes

2 cup Kraft Pasta Fromagio Finely Shredded Cheese, divided

cup sour cream

2 cup mixed chopped vegetables (broccoli, onions, zucchini and red peppers)

1 cup Aylmer Plum Tomatoes


1. MIX hash browns, 1 cup of cheese and sour cream in a 9 inch baking dish. Top with mixed vegetables.

2. COVER with tomatoes and sprinkle with remaining cheese.

3. BAKE at 350F for 60 minutes, or until completely cooked.

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